Pope Francis is a supporter of organ donation, describing the act as “a testimony of love for our neighbor.” Not only does the Catholic Church support organ transplantation, it also recognizes donation as a great act of charity and love. Pope John Paul II stated, “The Catholic Church promotes the fact that there is a…

Wagner Twins Who Had Liver Transplant Starting School, Thriving After Surgery. Little Binh and Phuoc Wagner hopped onto a school van recently on their way to kindergarten class for the first time. Their parents, Johanne and Michael, couldn’t get over the normalcy of the situation. Read full story here : http://huff.to/1UzY14l ‪ #‎TransplantTuesday‬

Be sure to check out the TRIO Maryland Transplant Conference Article on Page 6. Keep an eye on your mailbox — the Summer 2015 issue of Connections is hitting mailboxes! Didn’t receive one or can’t wait to dig in? Check out the digital version on Issuu here: http://issuu.com/thellf/docs/connections_final_

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