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20 MH Later in Life Manual 2019 final edition“Mental Health for Later Life”……A Guidebook for Older Marylanders and the People that Care for Them.

  Click Here for Presentation 20 Ways to Boost Your Brain as you age (3) Brain Science – How Aging Affects the Brain. Practical Tips for managing Brain Wellness Resources & Ways to Get Involved in Brain Wellness.  

Mental Wellness & Self-care (2)   Guest Speaker Sarah Dziwanowski, LCSW-C Community Grief Counselor / The Living Legacy Foundation

COVID19 and SOT 6720.pptx Click on the Above Link…. Meeting Presentation Via Zoom Saturday, June 13, 2020 Guest Speaker Seema Mehta Steinke, MD,MS Johns Hopkins Hospital

Discuss the wide range of feelings related to transplant. Examine how expectations can impact coping. Consider how finding a new “normal” and shifting roles can impact self image and feelings about identity. Explore ways to cope with the emotional impact of illness/transplant Click here.

Learn about the importance of nutrition throughout the transplant process Pre-transplant, immediately post-operative, long-term post-transplant nutrition guidelines Discuss nutrients that need to be focused on or limited Discuss medication interactions / side-effects Popular diets- can they be used by transplant patients? Download the presentation.

Spain has broken its own world record for the number of organs donated in one single day, cementing its postition as global transplant leader. Spain’s health ministry said that it was the solidarity of Spanish citizens, combined with an excellent network of hospitals and transplant specialists “that has made Spain the world leader in transplants…

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